How to Achieve Orgasm

Ask your partner to sit up in bed (or on the floor) with their legs apart. Position yourself with your back to them sitting between their legs. Lay back so that your back is against their chest. Now ask your partner to stimulate your clitoris and vulva with their finger, or using the Womolia or Femblossom with plenty of lubricant. Relax and allow the sensations of arousal to run through your body. This position is extremely relaxing and can help you to reach orgasm if you are tired and stressed.

Ask your partner to stimulate you with their hands, lips or intimate massager while you lie on your back with your head hanging over the edge of the bed. It’s not clear why this works but this position can provide the stimulation needed to tip you into orgasm. Receiving oral sex while you are in this position is particularly effective.

Imagine yourself having an orgasm. Roll your hips and thrust upwards with your pelvis as if you were experiencing the muscular spasms that occur during an orgasm. As you do this, stimulate yourself by hand or with your intimate massager.

Read a good sex fantasy book. Try Nancy Friday’s ‘My Secret Garden’ or ‘Women on Top’ for help in understanding how fantasy can promote orgasm.

Try arousing yourself by masturbating with an intimate massager, or by hand, and then stopping once you begin to feel very aroused. Just pause for a few seconds, and then resume arousal. Do this several times until you are very close to orgasm. This ‘stop/start’ technique intensifies erotic sensation, allowing you to reach a really exciting climax.