Erogenous Zones

The erogenous zones are areas of the body that produce intense sensations when stimulated. They can lead to powerful feelings of sexual arousal.

Gently Arousing

The face

Often ignored in lovemaking, touching the hair, eyelids and cheeks with a gentle brushing motion can be tender and intimate.

Shoulders, arms and hands

Gentle massage and stroking on these areas can be stimulating and very enjoyable.

Moderately Arousing

The mouth, earlobes, neck and throat

Kissing, nibbling and gentle stroking of these areas can be extremely arousing. Touch in this zone should be firm to avoid tickling.


The soft tissue under the arms is often very responsive to touch and can be kissed and licked.

Navel and abdomen

Licking and kissing can be very arousing in this area. Circular massage and stroking are also enjoyable.

The back

The upper and lower back can be touched in a massage style or stroked in long caresses the length of the back.

The toes and fingers

Rubbing and sucking toes and fingers can be very arousing as they are endowed with a rich supply of nerve endings.

Intensely Arousing

The breasts and nipples

Circular rubbing and licking on the breasts and nipples can be very arousing.


Stroking, patting, smacking and massaging the buttocks can all produce intense pleasure.

Inner thighs

Licking and kissing the soft inner thigh is usually highly stimulating.

Vulva and Clitoris

Rubbing, patting, licking and kissing this area is the most intensely stimulating sexual experience for most women.