Why Masturbation is a Necessity, not a Luxury…

For many years’ were told all sorts of horror stories about masturbation – that it could make you physically weak, cause impotence or even make you blind. Women who masturbated were condemned as ‘nymphomaniacs’ and sometimes ‘treated’ by vaginal mutilation (the removal of the clitoris). These cruel lies and treatments were brought about by a lack of knowledge about sex and accompanied by inappropriate inhibitions about sexual behaviour.

Here’s the real truth about masturbation

Everybody masturbates at some time in their lives. Some people masturbate a lot, others seldom. Not everyone reaches orgasm during masturbation but most people are aware of the pleasurable feelings associated with rubbing or caressing the penis or labia and clitoris.

Masturbation to orgasm replenishes the brain with natural hormones protecting you against depression, stress and anxiety and helping you to sleep or cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Regular masturbation can help to preserve your sexual libido. The old cliché ‘Use it or lose it’ is true about sexual desire. If you masturbate regularly, it will stimulate your sexual desire maintaining your libido. This can benefit a couple’s relationship as you are likely to feel interested in sex more often.

Masturbation is an excellent way to discover what turns you on. You can experiment with different kinds of touching (firm, gentle, hard, soft, fast slow etc.) and use this knowledge to tell your partner what you would like during lovemaking. If you understand your own response, and share it with your partner, your sex life will be exciting and interesting.

Masturbation can help to boost your self-esteem. Caring about yourself and your sexual needs will help you to feel worthwhile and deserving of good lovemaking. Allowing yourself the enjoyment of masturbation is as good as any ‘retail therapy’ and definitely much cheaper!

Masturbation is fun. What else can you do that is as much fun on your own? Just let yourself go and revel in the sexy sensations.