Myth Busting

Everybody is Having More Sex than Me.

Although it may feel like that everyone is having more sex than you, the truth is they are probably not!

Our sexual libido is often like a rollercoaster, with many highs and lows. We don’t always want to have sex and when we do, surveys tell us that on average most couples are having sex once or twice a week. Various factors also contribute towards our desire of wanting to have sex and these may include stress, illness and age.

Our sexual tastes are different as are our individual needs to have sex. There is nothing wrong with how often or not you want to have sex, we’re all different!

You Don't Need to Talk About Sex.

Let’s talk about sex. Talk, talk and talk! It’s vital to any sexual relationship to keep the lines of communication open. It’s the best way to discover what your partner enjoys and also for you to tell them what you like. It enables you to take sexual control and explore your sexuality, so the art of sex becomes pleasurable for both of you.

Long gone are the days of laying back and doing it for your country!

Masturbation is Less Satisfying than Sexual Intercourse.

Masturbation is often as satisfying (if not more!) than sexual intercourse as it is a great way of exploring your sexuality. It helps you discover and understand what turns you on and what you enjoy, as well as relaying how you like to be touched sexually.

It is also an exhilarating form of sexual release that can be used individually alone, or with your sexual partner.

Sex Should Always be Spontaneous.

Not all sex is spontaneous but that is not a bad thing!

Sometimes the best sex is when it is planned. Some couples organize a “date night” where they set aside a time to spend together, focusing on each other and enjoying each other’s company. The anticipation also adds to the excitement and besides you don’t necessarily know what the night will bring!

Men are Always Ready to Make Love.

Men are visual creatures and respond more readily to sexual stimulation than women; however this does not mean that they will always want sex!

Like women, men also need sexual arousal and sometimes their wanting to have sex may be dependent on what is going on in their lives outside of the bedroom. So if they are stressed with work for example, they may not be in the mood for sex.