Reviewed By BR
If you’ve never had a vibrator before and even if you have, there is nothing like the Femblossom for a mind blowing orgasm! I bought one for my girlfriend a couple of months ago and now we both can’t get enough of it! It always features prominently in our lovemaking and has enhanced the experience greatly. Beautifully designed for a perfect close fit the Femblossom really hits the spot and can be used without ‘getting in the way’. The lube that is supplied with it really does make for a wild orgasm! The Femblossom also looks so good in white and pastel green, you could imagine finding it on a High Street shop shelf next to the hairdryers and electric toothbrushes! Try one of these and you’ll never need another vibrator!
Reviewed By Joe
very easy to use and very well designed.multiple setting garentee that you will find one that works. Not really much to say about it.actions speak louder than words SO try one today.
Reviewed By Charlene
I had the pleasure of trying the Femblossom. I thoroughly enjoyed using this product. Due to the shape, the Femblossom gives you very strong and intense clitoral orgasms and leaves you feeling very satisfied. The item also warms up, giving you a more pleasurable experience. I feel the booklet provided was excellent and very informative. It gave many hints and tips and also involves and encourages you to enjoy with your partner. The Emotional Bliss lubricant is all very good and would reommend you use plenty! The Femblossom will be a regularly used from now on both on my own and with my husband. I look forward to trying other Emotional Bliss products.
Reviewed By Karen
You cannot call this a sex toy, it is definitely a tool of intense pleasure, the femblossom is shaped like a hand that fits exactly where you want it, the added option of heat to the variety of vibration cycles indeed makes this a tool of pleasure. I love this toy and it definitely hits the spot, well worth spending time getting to know it, trying it with and without lube and just relaxing into the sensations it provides.
Reviewed By
What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - the look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform? when i received the box i did wonder what i had received then i noticed the name and was very intreged to get inside . whe i saw the item it did make me laugh as it reminded me of a tongue. i was very intreged to switch it on and was nicely supprised t find out it had 9 different settings wow so i read through the instruction booket just to find out if ther was any hiden extras and it certainly made me smile What was the item like in action? oh after reading the booklet i left it on charge through the day and at night i had to have a i flicked through the different settings and wowo orgasum city. it dose make quite a lot of noise but then when the ouse is quiet so is a pin drop. as it started to heat up so did i wow i would say i have found my new friend for a while. everything about femblossom was straight forward and very easy and a pleasure to use. Did the item make you feel sexy? Just the thought of having a play made me horny so yes i was ready, I felt like a kid with a new toy,as i switched from settig to setting it gave off a different speed and ther were 9 to play with , and made me feel very sexy as it heated up my partner was ver impressed watching and also useing on me, the faster or pulsing made me feel very sey and wasnt long before i reached boiling point. i felt very in control and was an amazing feeling. What reaction did the item acheive - personally to you or with other parties? after i had played around trying to find the best setting and achieving orgasms. i told my friends about the amazing toys and how they would enjoy probable more than ever than ther old toys. my partner was very impressed with the item. Any other comments? the best thing i would have to say was I didnt have to rush out to bu batteries as it comes with its own charger. Im certainly in favour of this femblossom great size easy to use and wow leaves you feeling a different person. i have to say i havnt had it long but ive used it every day. i hadnt taken alot of notice when looking through to find a new toy now i dont have to bother as iI have the perfect one for now How could this item be improved? I cant think of any way realy this would need improveing apart from the noise. it has everything that could possiby want . i think its great heat vibrations, charger, size and shape . totaly thumbs up Would you recomend this item to a friend? i have already recomended this to a few of my close friends but i have to say i will totaly recomend it Do you have any hot tips for usage with this item? If you need to use the lube it slides beter, let ur partner use it while makeing love from behing, he can hold it in the best places , strokeing over the sencetive areas and when on your own if you have another vibrator incerrt one while strokeing, makes you reach hights you only thought of What rating would you give this item out of 5? 5
Reviewed By Mandi
I thought the Femblossom was great.Packaging was very impressive.On first impression the product looked quality and the catalogue was very indepth.The massager itself looked a bit clinical but simple too. Loved the different speeds and when the heat kicked in it was lovely. My personal favourite though was the high speed as when I had worked myself up using the other functional speeds giving myself an orgasm was very easy and extremely pleasurable. I would definately recommend this product and will gladly use again and again.
Reviewed By Kate
A fabulous departure from the standard sex toy. Stylish to look at and very satisfying to use. It was a revelation to find something so effective that is used externally.
Reviewed By des
My wife has used it just the once so far but says it is the best vibrator she has used. she says the size and shape are perfect, and the vibrations superb. Personally I can't wait to see her use it again!
Reviewed By
Just wanted to drop a note to say how much your product has helped my sex life. After having my second child I was a little worried about the almost non-event that my orgasms had become. Well all that changed with the introduction of the femblossom! Intense and completely different. Even my husband is in love with it. We've yet to try the Chandra as the Femblossom is amazing - but it's on our to-do list! Will recommend to every woman I know. Just thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Reviewed By Lisa
It fits perfectly, the weight is perfect, the vibrations are perfect, the led is sweet, overall a perfect vibe. Thank You!
Reviewed By Raquel
Ladies, believe me, after trying this one my husband could hardly get a look in!
Reviewed By Amy and Candy UK
This is amazing! It's perfectly designed for external stimulation and this compact delight will fit perfectly in your hand (or your partner's)... The design is perfect for stimulating the clitoris and gave a new experience of orgasming with vibration applied to the labia. This is one well designed vibrator!!
Reviewed By Amy
I was browsing for a new toy with my main objective being strong vibration and rechargeable. When I came across the Femblossom heat, i thought perfect! and indeed i was right. totally worth the price too! the more intense settings are ideal for getting the job done alone, although it definitely took a few tries to master. and the lower intensities are great with my partner. we used during doggy style and he said he could feel the vibrations and it was amazing for him! he's otherwise opposed to vibrators on him. such a wonderful toy. oh btw the heat is amazing as well!! looking forward to many years of great orgasms with this!!
Reviewed By Vicki
"Dr. Barb, Thank you for introducing me (and my husband) to the Emotional Bliss vibrator. It has enhanced our pleasure during sexual intercourse, and I give the product an A+. I would recommend it to anyone who is postmenopausal and having difficulty reaching an orgasm. " This quote is from a woman who had not been able to have an orgasm, at least felt like it 'wasn't worth the time and energy'.
Reviewed By Elechim
This is my favourite! I also have a Womolia, which I bought first, but when the Femblossom Heat came out I bought this as an alternative. For me personally this ticks all the boxes, pretty colour, discrete design, acceptably quiet and the extra points of contact achieved by the shape.... well say no more! If you only bought one product from Emotional Bliss, this would be my recommendation.