10 Ways…to explore

Take a thin silk scarf and drape it between your hands, allowing the scarf to hang down in a curve. Slowly and teasingly run the scarf over your lover’s naked body while they relax on a bed or sofa. Ask them to return the favour.

Use the same technique with a lightweight jewellery chain. Experiment with lighter and heavier chains. The different weights produce subtly different seductive sensations. Start at the ankles and slowly trail the chain over his/her naked body. Then ask for the same for you. Delicious!

Buy a cheap feather boa and seductively drag it over your lover’s naked body. Or wear around your neck while you kiss and cuddle during lovemaking. A delicate but surprisingly erotic sensation.

Using a baby’s soft hairbrush, brush your naked lover all over. Try brushing downwards and upwards for different sensations. A stiffer brush will produce a stronger sensation, but beware of being too rough! Ask him/her to return the compliment.

Wrap a silk or satin scarf loosely around your hand. Caress your lover all over, focussing on their genitals, to produce unique stimulating sensations. For a variety of sensations, this technique also works well with fur gloves, or even a rougher cloth, such as a piece of towelling.

Drizzle honey on the dark skin surrounding the nipple (the areola) and lick it off. Try chocolate spread, cream and yoghurt for other yummy sensations. Also good to use on the penis and/or vaginal lips during oral sex. Take your time and savour the flavours!

Give your partner a ‘bottom massage’. Using a good quality massage oil or EB Lubricant, rub the muscles of his/her bottom. Ask your lover to lay naked, face down, on the floor or the bed. Use the tips of your fingers, your whole palm and just one or two fingers as the mood takes you. Gentle teasing touch can be alternated with more vigorous massage. This idea generally gives a new twist to the old idea of a relaxing massage and can be highly arousing.

If you don’t usually remove your pubic hair, try doing it just once. In women, it gives oral sex a unique and more intense feel. Some men also enjoy the ‘naked’ feeling of no pubic hair during sex.

Ask your partner to use an EB Intimate Massager on the nape of your neck, backs of your knees and the inside of the elbow. These areas are highly sensitive and can produce erotic sensations when stimulated. Don’t forget to do the same for him/her.

Try making love with clothes on but no underwear. This can be highly erotic, as the partly clothed body is often more alluring and arousing than the totally naked one. Spend plenty of time in love play and you will soon feel extremely aroused.