Intimate touching for a woman

The genitals have an extremely high level of sensitive nerve endings. They feed back touch to the part of the brain that controls sexual libido and activity (the hypothalamus). This causes the feelings that women experience as they become aroused and achieve orgasm. The different parts of a woman’s genitals can be touched and caressed in specific ways to allow her to reach orgasm.

The vaginal lips (or labia)

The Outer Lips (or labia majora) These lips fold over the entrance to the vagina and are extremely sensitive to touch. Gentle stroking especially in an up and down motion inside and outside the lips can encourage arousal. Oral sex is good on this area with licking the full length of the lips is highly arousing or you can stroke using the tip of an intimate massager which is intensely satisfying. As the woman becomes fully aroused these lips (and the whole genital area) swell and darken in colour. This is due to the influx of blood that fills the genital area during sexual arousal and is quite natural.

The Inner Lips (or labia minora) The inner vaginal lips are also infused with highly responsive nerve endings (as in the case of the outer lips). As the woman becomes aroused this area becomes moist and lubricated. This allows a partner (or the woman herself) to use the tip of a finger to caress the inner lips or an intimate massager placed over this area is extremely pleasurable making sure you use plenty of lubricant to enhance the sensual experience.

The entrance to the vagina

Most of the sexually responsive nerve endings of the vagina are in the first two inches at the entrance to the vagina. This is known as the ‘orgasmic platform’. During orgasm it contracts and relaxes in waves of muscle spasm. The rest of the vagina has many less responsive nerve endings so the size of a penis is irrelevant since the upper part of the vagina is less able to respond to stimulation and is why the G-spot is based on mythology and not sexology.

Top tip:The Womolia Heat can be gently inserted into the orgasmic platform to enhance arousal during orgasm.

The clitoris

The tip of the clitoris is at the top of the vagina. Looking at it from the outside it is about the size of a pea although size is individual to each woman. The clitoris lies under a hood of skin and becoming erect protruding from the hood during sexual stimulation. The clitoris is an extremely large organ connecting nerves extending throughout the vulva and although only a tiny part is visible the stimulation of the clitoris is vitally important for a woman’s total sexual satisfaction when achieving orgasm.

Stroking, licking and circling all work well on the clitoris also rhythmic rubbing on the lips and clitoris is highly arousing. During the plateau phase (It’s not happening phase) the clitoris slips back under the hood of skin which is a natural part of female arousal, if it’s exposed and rubbed it can cause pain and discomfort.

Anal stimulation

Some women like to have their anus caressed or patted during love play. This is because the area has, like the genital area, many highly responsive nerve endings. Anal intercourse should be approached with caution as it can tear the delicate lining of the anus and cause pain. Be guided by your partner on how much of this kind of stimulation he or she wants and make sure there is sufficient lubricant to enhance the experience and reduce any risk.